Electric Company

The Electric Company was a childrens television show made in the United State of America by the same people who made Sesame Street. In their wisdom the commissioned Tom Lehrer in 1972 to write a few songs about spelling and homonyms for them. There were 11 songs written, and 10 aired (Silent E, L-Y, The Hound Song, Snore, Sniff, and Sneeze, Why Not Fight?" (a/k/a "The Fight Song"), N'T, The Menu Song, Without An S, Finch and Dench, The Mumble Song). The song that they did not use was called Why Must You Whine?

Tom Lehrer was the voice on a few memorable tracks like "LY" and "Silent E", but most of them were covered by others, including Bill Cosby. The "N'T" song and the "the Hound song" he re-recorded and released on his compilation CD. We have included here a clip from Finch and Dench a homonym song as aired by The Electric CompanyTom Lehrer also wrote a song as the theme song for the show that would become 3-2-1 Contact, called That's Mathematics That he also re-recorded and released on his boxed set. A few of the original songs by Mr. Lehrer can be found on this album, which has songs like "Fight".

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  • The Electric Company Warner Brothers BS 2636, 1972
    Silent E
    Fight Song
A special thanks to J.B. Morris who's wonderful site helped me compile this information.