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Alberta Theatre Projects and Arts Club Theatre
Vancouver present Tomfoolery
(Deirdre Van Winkle, Grant Cowan, Vince Metcalfe, Jack Northmore)
Alberta Theatre Projects ATP 261258, 1981 [stereo? only]

The original Canadian cast recording.

There are several interesting things about this recording. First of all, they decided that other songs would be appropriate to record. This album has 15 songs compared to 18 on the London recording. They also seem to have performed it faster. The recorded time for most of the tracks (where they are the same) is shorter on this version. Whether that means that they cut out some of the dialog, or just sang faster I do not know. Anyone with a copy of the album, please contact us here if you have more information.

  1. Be Prepared - Company
  2. Poisoning Pigeons In The Park - Grant and Deirdre
  3. I Wanna Go Back To Dixie - Jack with Grant and Vince
  4. In Old Mexico - Deirdre
  5. Who's Next - Company
  6. She's My Girl - Vince
  7. I Got It From Agnes - Grant
  8. National Brotherhood Week - Company
  9. So Long Mom - Vince with Grant
  10. Pollution - Vince, Jack and Deirdre
  11. Silent "E" - Deirdre and Company
  12. The Masochism Tango - Jack
  13. The Old Dope Pedlar - Grant
  14. The Vatican Rag - Company
  15. We Will All Go Together When We Go - Company